Aqua Care Hi-Tech System

About Aqua Care Hi-Tech System

RO water purifier in Adambakkam, Chennai, Reverse Osmosis water systems combine standard deposition and carbon filtration with mechanical separation via advanced membrane technology, to produce largely effective water treatment at the point of use. First, it is pre-filtered, and also refined under pressure, and separated by size. Good water will store for use, and the washed water goes down the drain. But indeed, we know that good taste isn’t just a taste, but what we do to choose in guarding against water pollution.

As a supplier, each of our technicians is equipped with a portable water quality test examiner which compares the position of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in your municipal feed water to the RO system’s product water. This dimension in “parts per million” or PPM accurately indicates RO membrane performance and verifies the output water quality. This simple conductivity test inventories integrity and credibility to your system’s overall effectiveness. Therefore, ensuring a job well done.

Aqua Care Hi-Tech System’s RO Water Purifier Installations come with a complete 1-YEAR WARRANTY and a Money Back Guarantee. Almost all RO Purifiers and other drinking water filtration systems backed by a limited one-year “factory warranty”, but we go further. As a matter of fact, as a RO Dealers in Chennai, local services company we can stand behind you time after time, in the event of any defective parts, quality or the materials in a way that most manufacturers just cannot do.

Numerous water filter manufacturers suggest that pre and post-filters should be changing during regular services every six months, but various Chennai and South Indian residents will find their interval to be closer to a year. Services schedules will vary from city to city and from street to street, depending upon the age of the building structure, the condition of its pipes and plumbing and also how important the equipment is used, and eventually the inbound water quality.

Why Choosing Aqua Care Hi-Tech System

Lowest Inspection Charge

If you are availing the service, no inspection charge only pay the service charge, Incase not availing the service you have to pay the inspection charge of Rs.149.

30 Days Warranty

All appliance services are covered by 30 days warranty any issues with in our warranty period please reach us immediately.

Trusted Technicians

Aquacare provides services only from trusted technicians.

Transparent Pricing

Get a complete rate card before availing the service, no more surprises on pricing. No hidden charges, you would know your options.

Pay After Service

We go the extra mile for our customer's convenience with multiple payment modes-choose to pay before or after availing the services, either online or offline.

Best Customer Support

You can reply on us for any service assistance. We would be glad to answer your queries via call or e-mail reach us. We would love to hear from you.